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New Zealand sphagnum moss is the preferred moss of the aroid & orchid trade for its combination of moisture retention and air pockets that maintain healthy roots.


Premium spagnum  with long strands and no sticks or debris .

Perfect ways for plant use:

  • anthurium potting
  • import acclimation
  • moss poles
  • rooting cuttings


12L : 150g Net (1.33 lb) when packed.

12 L (2.64 gal or 3.17 US Gal) when hydrated




Besgrow Spagmoss 12L (150g) Premier Sphagnum Moss

SKU: 1111
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    📦 We ship UPS ground & USPS priority whatever gets it to you quickest! If you have a preference let us know

    🪴 We ship on Monday. Orders received after 12pm (EST) on SUNDAY will ship the following week

    ❤️We pack with the utmost care, unless stated plants are shipped bareroot in Sphagnum moss. We’re not responsible for carrier delays, cosmetic damage, stress or yellow leaves. Our live arrival guarantee video unboxing is required within 3 hours of delivery to submit claim

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