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Everything You Need to Know

Currently we ship USPS Priority mail Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to help avoid delays over the weekends. Orders placed after 12pm(EST) on Tuesday will ship the following week.

On weeks with an observed mid-week Federal holiday, we reserve the right to delay shipping until the following Monday. This is to reduce the chances of your package getting caught in weekend/holiday congestion, and to assure we did our best to deliver to you a product that's both alive, and well.

All plants ship with their roots wrapped in damp sphagnum moss, then wrapped in plastic to keep moisture locked in during transit. It's then packaged carefully in a USPS Priority box.

Please allow 5-7 days to process your order before shipping, actual times vary and tend to be much less. 

Tracking will be updated as soon as I get the information.

**Please be mindful of the season and weather conditions in your area**


We offer a cold weather shipping packages in our store for $5 which include a 72-hour heat pack and thermal bubble wrap to protect your purchase from freezing temps. 

What is your return/exchange policy?

For returns/exchanges we require pictures (or better yet, an unboxing video) that show the box/plant was damaged somehow in transit, and the plants or goods cannot be salvaged due to damage or delay.

**PLEASE UNDERSTAND that plants undergo stress during shipping and may arrive a little wilted from being inside a dark box for an extended period. Mild yellowing and wilting is to be expected, but they should bounce back quickly! Anything more severe than this, please contact us!


If your package was caught up in shipping delays, and the condition of the plant has suffered as a result, the tracking will reflect the delay. I am happy to work with you to resolve these matters, be it shipping a replacement plant or a refund altogether. I'll be here to help!


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