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Hello, aroid enthusiast R.J. here. I'm the grower, propagater, buyer and owner of Akron Aroids. I created Akron Aroids as a way for me to share my passion with the local plant community. My plant journey started small with a love and curiosity of a few small plants. That grew into hundreds of hours and dozens of different plant species. I'm always learning more about each leaf, root, and environment and would love to bring that knowledge to you.


I specialize in Aroids, and stock a variety of different common, uncommon, rare and sometimes ultra-rare specimens. In addition I offer, high quality soils and plant care consultations to help your plants not just grow, but flourish.


Akron Aroids is available to shop in person by appointment. My YouTube channel has many of the methods I swear by, explained so all skill levels can learn easily. You can find many of my amazing plants for sale here in my shop. Looking for a specific plant? I'm here to help!


What are aroids?

Aroids are any plants belonging to the Araceae family. These include Philodendron, Pothos, Monstera, ZZ, and so many others. While many plants are celebrated for their flowers, Aroids are prized for their colorful, dramatic, and sometimes quite large foliage. The variety of color, shape, size, and texture of the Araceae family are always stand-out favorites!  

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