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Heckin' Chonk is our specialized aroid mix!


Thoughtfully designed to keep your Aroids happy and healthy, Heckin' Chonk is mixed by hand to ensure a consistent product every time.


Fills approximately seven 4" pots, or three 6" pots.


What makes Heckin' Chonk so special?

Our signature mix is a blend of Lava Rock, Chopped Coconut Husks, Coco Coir, Horticultural Charcoal, Perlite, Worm Castings, Fluval Stratum, and my own culture of Mycorrhizae is added to help all the ingredients get to know one another better.


The mix is so chunky that it creates little pockets of humid air. Roots absolutely LOVE humid pockets of air, and will begin to put out those beautiful white hairy roots in these pockets. Getting oxygen to the roots is just as important as getting nutrients and water to them, and Heckin' Chonk helps achieve this.




Heckin' Chonk - Specialized Aroid Mix

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    🪴 We ship on Monday. Orders received after 12pm (EST) on SUNDAY will ship the following week

    ❤️We pack with the utmost care, unless stated plants are shipped bareroot in Sphagnum moss. We’re not responsible for carrier delays, cosmetic damage, stress or yellow leaves. Our live arrival guarantee video unboxing is required within 3 hours of delivery to submit claim

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